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Help my family eat well during a kitchen remodel


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Help my family eat well during a kitchen remodel

adamclyde | Aug 22, 2006 12:08 PM

Ok, I'm all for a new kitchen, but being seriously displaced this long has really been tough. I haven't eaten good food at home for more than a week and there's not a quick end in sight.

Here's the deal. All I have to cook with is a microwave. My prep space equals, in total, a 2'x2' space on which sits a cutting board. I have to wash any dishes in the bathroom sink, so almost everything I use right now is plastic and paper. I do have my fridge operational. I do have my grill outside, but given the prep space/washing limitations, I haven't used it too much.

to top it all off, I have three kids under 4 years old, so there are some young bodies to feed.

Any ideas on what I can make that wouldn't require lots of dishes, excessive dirty utensils/bowls, no stove/oven cooking, etc.? I'm so bored of takeout it makes me want to gag when I think about it.

Luckily I've got some good tomatoes and cucumbers coming out of my garden, so I've been making lots of variations of different tomato-cucumber salads (couscous, etc.). I also have a TON of herbs and habanero peppers out back too. So the fresh produce is a plus...

Ideas? Any thoughts? Help? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

- Adam

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