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When does an establishment become a "chain"?


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When does an establishment become a "chain"?

wyf4lyf | Apr 10, 2006 01:18 PM

In another thread, Hobokeg mentioned Batali...and I got to thinking about how he (Batali) has so many different restaurants now...and then a thought/question came to me which I am curious about. Since there seems to be a fair amount of disdain of chain restaurants on this website, I'm curious as to when an establishment becomes a "chain" and when does the disdain kick in.

For example, here in Tucson, there's a wonderful place called Beyond Bread. Fabulous sandwiches, breads, pastries. etc.; huge portions, good prices. Tucson is a widespread city, so they opened a second establishment across town. Nothing wrong with that, I think. What if they decide to add a 3rd? What if they branch out to Phoenix? What if they cross the state line into New Mexico or CA? As I said in my foodie/chowhound post, my intent is not to be snide, I really want to understand what people are thinking. Is it wrong to take a good idea, and try to serve as many people as you can with that good idea? Or is it automatically seen as crossing some kind a line if a person opens up more than one branch of their eatery? And how many branches does it take before the quality of food goes down?

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