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Ernie's International Bakery and Deli (SF) and strudel query


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Ernie's International Bakery and Deli (SF) and strudel query

Limster | Feb 28, 2002 01:08 AM

I was strolling through Noriega yesterday evening and came across this place. It's a storefront bakery that's on Noriega, around 31st Ave.

The narrow and cramped store has an old-school feel to it, and the spatial limits pushes one right up to the baked goods.

The strudels caught my eye right as I entered. Haven't seen them too often at the good bakeries in SF. So I get one packed super generously with sweet poppyseed. The mouthfeel is quite pleasurable, a thousand pops not too distant from the texture of caviar. At the same time, it feels as rich as chocolate. Good stuff. The pastry is honest and somewhat bread or cake like, rather than being delicately flaky.

It's $1.75 for a hefty piece of strudel. Don't know how much a whole strudel costs.

My palk who lives there strongly recommends the marizpan filled horseshoes, which I'm going to try the next time I'm there.

Now I'm curious about other strudel possibilities around here-- hope to hear about other sources for strudels.

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