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Engaged = FINALLY, GET WHAT I WANT! But I can't decide, help us!

KnowTheIdeal | Jan 27, 201206:10 AM

Thank you for taking a look! I know there have been plenty of threads touching on "our dilemma" (ie. this vs that) but not many recently, nor in regards to our circumstances! So here we go....

Newly engaged....crafting our registry! We enjoy cooking, and do it quite a bit. I often say, if I didn't go to medical school, I would have gone to culinary school. So we have been using less-than-ideal, cheap aluminum for years knowing the time would come when we could "splurge" on what we want/need when enagaged. Now, we can't decide!

We have always "dreamed" of owning a great All-Clad cookware set with Le Creuset iron pieces. Lately, we are intrigued by the Le Creuset Stainless Steel cookware (which has nice weight, great feeling handle), but somewhat "turned off" that it is made in China. Which brings us back to All-Clad...but which one? The newly designed 3-ply? The Williams Sonoma D5 5-ply? Or the Copper-core???

Not going to lie... Bourgeat and Mauviel sound amazing, but I don't trust us with full copper. Too much maintenance needed, and if it is not always beautifully polished, it will drive me crazy!

Also, any recommendations on sets? Go smaller set (7? / 9?) and add on more important pieces? Maybe do cheaper, smaller 3-ply set and add on some copper core pieces?

Thank you for your help! Opinions and personal experience greatly appreciated!

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