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TimCarroll | Apr 22, 2009 07:33 AM

I'm slow cooking a well spiced pork but which will be later shredded for enchiladas. My question is, after reading enchilada recipes off of the chow site, what do people put in the corn tortillas? My plan is to quick fry the tortillas in a little oil first. Next I was going to mix the shredded pork with some cilantro, corn cornels, salt, diced onion and shredded cheddar cheese. I might add some chili powder, cumin, onion powder and granulated garlic (These are some of the ingredients in the dry rub on the pork butt) depending on how the pork tastes after cooking. I have the enchilada sauce to top everything off before cooking in the oven. I’m I going in a wrong direction here?

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