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Is there such a thing as too many eggs?

montrealeater | Jan 13, 201211:57 AM

I've been thinking about this for awhile and just read a comment on another thread re: egg yolks being OK if you limit yourself to one a day (if dieting). Now, I am not dieting, but, I eat a LOT of egg yolks. Maybe 6 a day on average. I don't eat the whites (they get scrambled and given to the dogs), I just really love very soft-poached egg yolk. AFAIK, eggs aren't the devil anymore, and neither are egg yolks. A friend speculated I may be setting myself up for an allergy.

Is there any reason not to eat lots of egg yolks? Is there anything to the allergy comment - that in eating so many I am somehow priming myself to become allergic? Various people have also commented on the food safety issue, assuming that soft boiled yolk could be unsafe...is this true? Don't certain gym bunnies eat a lot of completely raw eggs? Are they suffering from frequent food poisoning or what?

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