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How do you eat a steak?

ipsedixit | Mar 16, 200802:15 PM

Regardless of the cut, or how well you want it prepared, how do you cut up and eat a steak?

Let's say you've ordered a filet (just for purposes of argument), what do you do first?

1. Cut it in half? Inspect it's the right level of doneness, then proceed to cut and devour each half accordingly?

OR ...

2. Just simply cut off bite size pieces from the edges and work your way through the entire filet?

I'm told that No. 1, above, is preferred (or correct?) because it allows the diner to inspect that the steak is cooked properly and by cutting it open it stops the cooking process.

Conversely, I've also heard that No. 2 is better because it allows the diner to enjoy the steak through varying levels of doneness, from the charred outer layer to the soft and tender center core, which, depending on your perspective, allows you the best of both worlds. More importantly, by not cutting it open it allows the steak to retain its juices.


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