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Duck Organ Meat Question


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Duck Organ Meat Question

Sal Vanilla | Dec 16, 2012 04:48 PM


I am just teaching hubs to make roasted duck and he asked me if we are going to eat the organs. Honestly, I have always picked at the neck as my cooks treat (which I suggested he do), and I often fry up the liver for him in a bit of butter and garlic, but the rest... I make some stock with and then feed to the dog. Gulp. Have a been depriving us of delicacies? If so how and what? Break it to me gently.

An aside: He is so excited about cooking some of the excess skins to render fat and make chitterlings. I am Mr. Chitterling's lover. He is hysterically happy and doing rain dances over that pot. So funny.

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