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DoDomPa, at 71 Clinton NYC for 鐵板 and Takowasa and Japanese Dishes, Sake and Shochu

jonkyo | May 22, 201204:15 PM    

This new Japanese restaurant takes over from a Japanese bar, and has been opened about one month. The venue is owned by a person(s) of Korean origin, who like the Chinese owner-chef of Saburi, has had experience living in Japan.

The staff are friendly and some are Japanese, and the menu items are pretty much Japanese dishes, with also some Kimchi dishes (Korean language lesson: kimchi=김 치: ㄱ=k; I=i; ㅁ=m/ ㅊ=ch; I= i, or something close to that)

I love their Takowasa for only $4.50.

Takowasa is raw cut octopus and might be enjoyed by many a seafood lovers. recommended for sashimi eaters. Wasabi is mixed sparingly with the octopus.

They have specialties which are 鐵板 (what the Chinese refer to as TieBan) Iron Skillet cooked dishes, that are about $7 to $10 to maybe a bit more. Good sized fried dishes all with multiple mixed tasty items such as:

Meats (beef and more)

Seafood (shrimp and others such as fish, if I am correct)


excellent fried Noodles

And they offer much more. I gave the menu to someone so I am limited in what I write here.

The atmosphere is very comfortable with Japanese themes and decorations, and has a bar. Sake and Shochu as well as tapped Japanese and other beers.

Happy hour is 5 to 7 weekdays, and includes Kirin draft for 3 dollars, as well as ( as I was told) $10 for 1 hour all one can drink sake.

I am reading a book about Japanese macrobiotic foods, and it is called You Are All Sanpaku by Sakurazawa Nyoiti , written in the late 1960s. Sanpuka uses the Chinese characters: 三白眼 (sanbaiyan) three white eyes, but in Chinese 白眼 baiyan means appearing to look arrogant with disdain. I do not think the author a celebrated philosopher or thinker in Japan, now deceased, would approve of the Happy Hour at DodomPa, but to balance that, get the seaweed salad and the Takowasa.

Bon appetit !

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