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Disaster- Mayan Chocolate ice cream flavor discontinued!

cortycpb | Mar 15, 200801:46 PM

Chocolate lovers - aficionados, connoisseurs, weep - Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream by Haagen Dazs was/is absolutely unique, the only truly valid and historically sensitive chocolate ice cream, and it has been discontinued. Lodge a protest and make an outcry.
Mayan Chocolate, in honor of the Mayan, and to this day, Mexican, use of chocolate and cinnamon in their cuisine combines the essence of these flavors. It has/had the darkest richest chocolate flavor with a touch of cinnamon added. There is a swirl of amazing dark chocolate fudge. Protest, request it and they will bring it back.
It is the only commercial ice cream I have ever bought voluntarily as I am a sorbet person, not an ice cream person, unless I make it myself. If you haven't tasted HD Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream, there are still some containers on the shelves if you are lucky. If not here is an approximation recipe.
Recipe Approximation: Let Ben and Jerry's Chocolate get soft. Mix in some ground cinnamon, Buy or make the best chocolate fudge sauce you know of. It should be reasonably thick. (Nutela is the correct consistency, even if the taste is slightly different). Swirl fudge into the ice cream. Harden off in the freezer. That will be the nearest you can get to Mayan Chocolate. I urge you to try and bring Mayan Chocolate back to the marketplace. In the meantime I will make some chocolate ice cream and try to come up with a recipe for all to share. When you don't have an ingredient you have to adapt.

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