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Is there a difference between Dutch and British Gin?


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Is there a difference between Dutch and British Gin?

1 wiener hound | Jul 27, 2006 05:05 PM

Yes I know the dutch were first but it does seem in this country at least the English have won the war. Have never tried a gin made in Holland. Could someone try to explain the differences in taste between the two. Then if possible make a recommendation of a gin made in Holland that I am enjoy. As to my tastes, I do prefer the older gins with alot of the juniper taste. My favorite at this point is Tanqueray. Others I have tried and enjoyed were Plymouth and T 10 was ok but was some what turned off by the extra citrus. Would love to try Junipero but have not been able to find it. One that I will never buy again is Beefeater's Wet. Miller's is OK but could have more juniper taste for me. When I am having to stretch to the end of the month an American Gin by the name of McCormick is not bad.

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