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Changes to Design on Thursday, Dec 13

mudaba | Dec 13, 201204:38 PM     113

1. Font size on threads has been bumped from 13 to 14 and darkened.

2. Fixed a graphical issue on the boards that caused a small dark grey box to appear by the username.

3. On desktop, the "post" and "reply" buttons will now allow you to start typing.

4. Fixed fonts on "Discussions You Might Like", and added buttons so that users can start a thread from there.

5. Text on category pages has been darkened.

6. Fixed the padding on the profile pages to match Chowhound homepage.

7. Fixed the look of pagination on the mobile and desktop profile pages.

In terms of tomorrow's changes, CHOW policy is NOT to release on Fridays, so you won't be seeing changes coming tomorrow. You can rest assured that we will be here next week and more changes will be on their way then.

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. We are most definitely listening.



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