Demeyere Multiline versus Proline

mzx | Apr 29, 200810:32 PM

Looking into getting a Demeyere frying pan and it looks like there are several 'functional' models available which cover multiple design lines (atlantis and apollo).

The top two contenders:
- 4 Star Multiline with a 3.0 mm fully clad base ($140 for the 9.4")
- 5 Star Proline with a 4.8 mm fully clad base ($190 for the 9.4")

It seems that both are more or less the same except for the thickness of the base and the handle design. I have only been able to actually see and test out the Proline and it seemed great.

Is the 3.0 mm base nearly as good for cooking as the slightly thicker one? It seems from other places I have read that All-Clad fry pans are about 3.0 mm thick. Ultimately it's probably not apples to apples since the total thickness matters less than the amount of aluminum - which would be nearly impossible to measure.

So any hands on reviews or comparisons?


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