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Deep Fat Fryer - Need Advice

Andrew | Oct 30, 200511:56 PM

A few years ago I wanted to try my hand at deep-frying some favorite foods at home, that I've only had in restaurants. I didn't want to invest a lot of money and appliance-space in something that didn't work out, so I got the cheapest thing I could find - a "Fry-Baby", on sale for $19. I figgered, it heats up the oil, what else do you need? It seemed to work. I used corn oil, and stuff wou;ld bubble and bob around like it's supposed to, I guess. However, nothing I tried seemed to taste like I expected. For example, I used to buy a fried burrito off the lunch truck that used to come around at work. It was no big deal, I could tell it was just a mass-produced, store-bought frozen burrito that they plopped into a DF fryer for a couple of minutes, and they sold for a dollar each. But I loved em; a hard, crunchy flour tortilla shell, with warm bean and meat mixture inside, tasty! But in my fry-Baby, they never tasted that good. Other things I tried also came out... funny-tasting, without the texture i was trying for. I was idly watching a TV shopping show where Suzanne Somers was plugging her new "flash fryer" (that's what they call them these days to avoid the "deep fat" connotation). I was reminded of how much I'd like to try my own deep fat (er.. flash) frying. Any advice as to what I'm doing wrong? Is it the Fry-Baby? Is it not reaching a high enough temperature? Will a "fancier" fryer do the trick? What about the frying medium? I'm even willing to use L*RD if it will produce the best results. The things I want to fry are a few basic, simple things, including: the burritos as above, tempura-style shrimp and veggies, french fries, and battered fish for real fish & chips, other battered seafood like scallops, and battered onion rings.

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