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Going decadently, sensually, joyously, simply vegan

rworange | Oct 15, 201102:12 PM

Today I am a vegan … at least for the next 2 weeks.

My experiences with vegans are too many seem unhappy, even puritanical … all that mean brown rice and uninteresting food, I think.

I know any vegan reading this is the exception, as jolly as Santa swilling Coca Cola … or Pepsi on vacation.

However, my own encounters of the vegan kind … restaurants and people … have been 75% on the downer side.

I am jazzed to be going vegan. I want to hear from people who are jazzed to be vegans and what they eat to make them happy.

I’m not much of a cook, but I’ve always been a great shopper. So I’ll be relying mainly on exceptional produce, grains and legumes prepared simply.

I have red rice, green rice, forbidden rice, wild rice and Jasmine rice. I have about a dozen types of heirloom beans.

Teas include smokey lapsang souchong, earthy 20 year puer, floral charcoal fire oolong, intense blood orange and one of those jasmine teas that unfolds into a flower when steeped. There is a lot of beauty and sensuality in tea. Of course, I have coffee from my favorite local roasters.

The menu for day one includes

- Oatmeal with Vietnamese cinnamon, yellow aurora apple and pecans
- Coffee with soymilk (also have rice milk, almond milk and oatmeal milk)
- Artisan English muffin with cashew butter
- Spiced Scarlet and Bartlett pears
- Persimmons, pomegranates and various types of grapes
- Vinaigrette with vintage 2006 plantano vinegar
- Green salad with edible flowers, cucumbers, multi-colored heirloom tomatoes, gypsy peppers, black olives, beets, jicama, mushrooms, red onion and yellow Indian woman heirloom beans. A riot of color seems cheerful

Health is my reason. After a year of living in Guatemala and pigging out on junk food while in tempory living conditions when we came back, it is time to re-acquaint myself with my doctor. I am trying to bring any bad test numbers I might have down before seeing the medico.

My last encounter with a vegan was in Antigua while touring a coffee farm. He was a dour person who told me he found a restaurant that would serve him brown rice and plain beans. He refused to listen to some very good restaurants serving vegan chow and the glorious bounty of tropical fruit steps away at the market. He wanted rice and beans. Period. Seemed like a waste. Why travel if not exploring what is different than at home.

I don’t think being vegan needs to be uninteresting.

Tell me what makes you a vivacious vegan.

In two weeks I’ll tell you if I’m still my usual, happy, sunny self … ok, I’m acually somewhat of a cranky carnivore curmudgeon.

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