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Dear CH Staff

Spencer | Feb 6, 200807:10 AM

Dear CH Staff,
I can’t remember how long I have been a part of these boards- certainly ever since my home has had the internet, which is a long time. I have several CH boards saved to favorites and they have been as much a part of my morning routine as reading the news and email.
Due to the length of time I have been associated with CH, and the degree to which I am emotionally attached to these sites, I gave this issue a few days worth of thought, as quick decisions are frequently poor decisions.
I posted a thread last week to the Not About Food board. The post went something like this: “What does it mean to say that a food is ‘pedestrian’?” It was deleted the same day. I made an inquiry as to why it was deleted- that inquiry was deleted within a few hours.
I personally have been deleted more times than I can remember. I always researched the rules at every deletion to see if there had been a rule change I was unaware of. Well over half of the deletions were unwarranted. The others were warranted for various reasons, ie, posted on the wrong board, slightly off topic, etc.
(Yes, I read the Where Did That Post Go by Jim Leff, and I’m sorry, but that explanation does not hold water.
- “Moderators are invariably right.” Please- you have perfect people up there? I don’t think so.
- “We don’t read every post.” You certainly appear to read all of mine, then find something wrong with them.
- “tolerance, friendliness, non-commerciality” Never been anything but friendly, never wrote a fowl word, and never posted anything commercial.
- “we DO try to notify veteran posters when we delete them so we can explain” No, you’ve never attempted to notify me.
- “Don’t take it personal.” That would be an easy task if this issue of my (personal) posts were not deleted A) so frequently, and B) without there ever being an explanation (BTW, on this issue- I see where you frequently tell posters you are about to move or delete their post before hand and give an explanation as to why. I “personally” have never been given this heads-up.).
After several years of this it is difficult to not be offended and not take it personal.
In the time since my last deletion I have looked at other web sites similar to CH of which I am apart. I also looked into new web sites that could also meet my chow needs. I discovered that I can meet my needs without the grief that I get at CH quite nicely.
As a side note, coming from a business person- I fully expect this to be deleted within moments of it being posted. Further, I doubt that you will even read it, let alone respond to it, given your cavalier and dismissal attitude. However, it is a truism in the business world that if you treat people badly, it will eventually catch up with you. I am also sure that, if you DO respond it will be a very dismissive and pompous response akin to the Jim Leff explanation, which as I’ve already stated is mostly just hot air that denies any form of responsibility to the CH Team.
So, having said all that, I will delete you from my favorites and bid you adieu.

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