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Not About Food

Dealing with Obnoxious Owner


Not About Food 114

Dealing with Obnoxious Owner

alyseb | Oct 13, 2008 10:13 AM

I am having an ethical dilemna. There is a bakery in my community, The Bean Counter, that has fabulous pastries (fruit and marscapone tart) and delicious coffee drinks.

Twice I have observed and overheard the owner (who thankfully is not always present) loudly discipline and demean her staff. The first time involved a teenage counter person dropping a slice of cheesecake. The owner in the presence of customers announced in an elevated tone of voice that the employee would have to pay for the dropped slice. The employee visibly winced when she was addressed in this manner in front of a line of waiting customers.

This morning the owner referred to another employee as "stupid" (again in the presence of customers) for incorrectly making a coffee drink.

When should a customer who overhears such an inappropriate exchange say something?

I endorse the 'praise in public, criticize in private' philosophy for dealing with people and believe no one deserves to be demeaned.

Bottom line: I love this bakery, but am troubled by what I see/hear.

What would you do?,

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