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So, Danna, how did that lunch turn out? (long)

danna | Dec 19, 200503:47 PM

Well, I'll tell you.

After much thought, I went with a Spanish Cava, hoping it would be nice with the gougeres, the goat cheese apps, the scallops, and citrus-y side dishes. Chose Cava rather than Champagne because I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard.

There was a cold rain falling early the morning of the lunch and icicles were starting to form, so I started cooking earlier than planned JUST IN CASE THE POWER WENT OUT. Roasted those sweet potatoes, but cut them in wedges I thought looked nicer than hash-brown-y cubes that the recipe called for. Made the ganache and finished the truffle brownies. Was about to attempt the proscuitto cups when...THE POWER WENT OUT at 8:25.

OK, no problem. I wrapped the prosciutto around apple slices and topped w/ the goat cheese and fig jam as planned. As a 'hound had pointed out anyway, you could taste the proscuitto, and the apple gave the whole thing some needed tartness.

The scallops: no problem. I'll just stand in the freezing rain and cook them on the gas grill.

Oops. Salad dressing would be easier w/ the blender, but no problem...aggressive whisking will keep me warm...hmmm....the house is starting to cool down.

Might as well arrange the roses I bought for the table while I wait for the POWER TO COME BACK ON.

OK, building a fire was not on my "to do" list. Went outside to get more firewood. It has about a 1/2 inch of ice by now, set it next to the fire to dry out and make a puddle on the floor. While outside(did I mention freezing rain?) I hear the gunshot sounds of trees snapping in half. Got in the car to ride around and look for power company workers I could talk pretty to(this has worked in the past). Discovered I could not drive more than 200 yards in any direction from my house because of downed trees across the road. Had to make the dreaded "party's off" calls.

So. Ignoring the set table, at 12:05 I sat on the floor in front (directly in front) of the fireplace and ate the hors d'oeurves. The apple/proscuitto/goat/fig things were good. The ginger scented pecans were good as usual. The Cava stayed in the frige because I was too cold by then to drink anything chilled. Claret was not that great a choice, but , hell it's my pity part, I 'll drink what I want to.

The cilantro lime sweet potatoes were good, but, although the recipe said you could have them hot, room temp, or cold, I don't think cold was the best choice. The best dish to me was the shaved fennel, orange segment & arugula salad w/ pistachio oil dressing and pistachios. I didn't bother w/ the scallops.

Then I ate the cranberry pistachio biscotti, truffle brownies, bourbon pecan chews, and midnight rum balls by myself with more claret and left the BdV in fridge.

By Sunday afternoon when I finished the last of the wine, it was too cold in the house to be an appropriate temp for red wine. 48 is a little too low if you were wondering. At that point I gave up and moved back home to my parents. (if you were reading carefully, my neighbor cleared the road) I hope to see my husband again some day if the power ever comes back on.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice about the various components of this doomed affair. One more question: how long can I leave the sparkler and the dessert wine in the fridge(once the POWER COMES BACK ON) without affecting the quality? I don't expect it to get any warmer than 48 before then.

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