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Am I Just a Cynic or ....


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Am I Just a Cynic or ....

jhopp217 | Oct 23, 2012 04:22 PM

Am I the only person who sees a crowded restaurant these days and immediately assumes the food is awful (and more often than not, I'm correct). I remember two decades ago if there was a wait in a restaurant, it meant the place was amazing. Nowadays, it seems if there is a wait, the food is average and bland, which is exactly what appeals to most. Obviously this is not always the case in places that are established, but there is a place near me (which will remain nameless) that is mobbed every night. People almost waiting in line at the door. I've been there twice and it's dreadful. The word on the street is it's amazing. The funny thing is there is a place around the corner that is empty that makes the exact same food, perfectly seasoned and it's bashed. I've come to conclusion that most people honestly don't know good food and that bland unseasoned food is more to the average American's liking. I'm not talking about true foodies of course, just "what sells" is usually mediocre to me.

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