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Cutting Gourds and Winter Squashes


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Cutting Gourds and Winter Squashes

thursday | Oct 30, 2009 11:51 AM

If someone wants to merge this with the pumpkin post, I don't mind, I just didn't want to hijack -

So I can cut an acorn squash. I can get into a pie pumpkin. I can, with effort, split a spaghetti squash. But that's about it.

Butternut? Forget it. Fairy Tale Pumpkins? Impossible. Anything larger than roughly 6-8" diameter I find impossible to chop into in order to clean and eat. Is there some trick I'm missing here? I'm a fitness instructor for a living, so I'm quite strong, but at best I can karate chop a butcher knife into the beast - and then I can't get it back out without risk of serious injury, or gourds flying across the kitchen. It feels pretty humiliating to have to wait for my husband to get home from work, and then meet him at the door with a "help!" and a squash on the end of a handle.

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