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Custom-blending tea - restaurants or at home


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Custom-blending tea - restaurants or at home

rworange | Sep 19, 2008 09:24 AM

In a SF thread, a dim sum restuarnt serves Gook Bo, a blend of,Chrysanthemum tea and Pu-erh tea.

Another poster said that there was Gook Sau, which is a blend of Gook Fa and Sau Mei tea leaves and went on to say ...

"One can easily custom request any mix at any dim sum restaurant, the afforementioned and Gook Sau blend very well together. I haven't tried other combinations, but maybe not all combos make sense"

Well, this was a new idea to me.

First question: At dim sum places what blends do you request and with which dishes? How do you ask this ... just ask for a pot of a blend of two teas or do you need to know names like Gook Bo?

Second question: This opened up new possibilites. I never considered blending teas. Does anyone do their own blends at home. I bet this would even work with tea bags where you could steep two different bags in one pot.

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