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Curry Chicken from The Islands.. A Real Winner!

stonecutty | Nov 16, 2009 01:33 PM

A couple of months has flew buy and i have not talked to you in a while about cooking at home..I started doing some different kind of cooking. Working straight from the gut, i didn't go and buy ingredients i just used what i had around the house.You know, onions instead of shallots,Spirits instead of wine, you know stuff like that..Came up with a new dish or two if you check the new profile pic, but that's a keeper:), check it out.

Curry chicken
cut up 3-5 lbs of chicken
have a large pot to sear and cook the spices.

dice onion and celery with a hit of tomato paste,deglaze
add the curry,fennel, coriander, tumeric, jap,bells,everything you want but DO NOT FORGET THE SALT! Most people bog down food with flavors and never adjust the salt percentage, they just figure, its salty already from all these spices, def... wrong move

cook curry until a paste develops, add chicken and simmer adjust liquid when needed.
add root veg,potatoes

simmer and serve,
make beans and rice for the finishing touch and there you have it.
Some good ol food!

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