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New Cuisinart skillet, everything sticks. Help?

rockandroller1 | Dec 31, 200707:26 AM

Ok, I'm not an idiot about cooking in stainless. We got rid of our non-stick pans 2 years ago and have been living pretty happily with only a small stainless omelette pan, a large cast iron and a wok. For Xmas, I received a seemingly pretty nice cuisinart "3-ply" stainless skillet, I think it's a 12". Every single thing we have cooked in here has stuck, which is bad enough, but what's worse is cleaning it is next to impossible. At least in my other pans, when things stick I can get them clean without sweating and working for 30 minutes scrubbing the dang thing out. I've tried soaking it in hot water for a couple of hours first and then scrubbing but it wasn't any easier.

The pan's instructions said to use only low or medium heat, which I've complied with. I've done the usual in getting it hot first, then cold oil, then food in the pan, but everything sticks. I grilled pieces of italian sausage last night, in plenty of oil and even they stuck like mad!

What gives?

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