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Tried Crust in Fenton, MI...

boagman | Jan 19, 201608:14 AM

Just tried Crust for the first time on Saturday, and while it's too early to be handing out any 5-star ratings, I will say, for certain, that they made a very positive first impression.

My understanding is that Crust is linked via ownership to The Laundry in Fenton, which I've heard wonderful things about but also never tried. I was thinking about trying it instead of Crust, but due to time constraints as well as budgetary concerns, I decided to tip my toe in with Crust instead. Very glad I did, though trying The Laundry is still high on the list of places to try.

I went to Crust in mid-afternoon, and as a result, they were out of some items they'd sold out of. Good news: they made pain au chocolat that day. Bad news: they sold out of it a while ago. Nuts. Them's the breaks, though, kids: at least you can count on things you order being fresh. I can live with this, especially because I was there for heartier fare than that.

I asked the pleasant young woman at the counter whether they made their bacon fresh for their BLT, and she said that while it was already cooked, they did warm it up, which was sufficient for me. We also discussed what bread it came on, and I preempted that choice to go with a different, more to my taste, kind of bread, which she agreed with. She also had no problem removing the Vermont cheddar cheese and replacing it with some bread-and-butter pickles. The sandwich came properly wrapped, and was a bit less than $8 out the door.

I took it with me and ate it in my van, and I've gotta tell you: that sandwich was *every bit* of a B+ sandwich, scratching the surface of A- territory. Not just good, but great. Every part of that sandwich was shining nicely, even the tomato, which turned out to be a terrific tomato at this time of year. The whole sandwich was just such happiness, though...even the portion size was pretty good. It served to sate my hunger quite nicely, but the process of eating it was such a pleasure, as the flavor and texture was great.

All of that to say that the food was great, the service was the same, and I'll definitely be going back based on this experience. What a great first impression.

The Laundry
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