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Re-creating those perfect diner, IHOP, or Denny's pancakes?

certifiedhumane | Feb 22, 201210:03 AM

Well I consider myself a quality cook and baker however pancakes have always seemed to fail me. I can NEVER get the kind of buttermilk pancakes you find at IHOP or Denny's or a diner, thin and golden, you know like these ..


i feel that's the best picture ever as far as representing the texture and look and color I am aiming for.

these are pictures I am NOT looking for:




I literally don't know what they do in those IHOP kitchens or what they are using that makes them come out like that first picture! Mine got a lot better when I read that the secret is using a griddle, so I started using one of those that I am fortunate to have at my house, however it's really strange the first 1 or 2 might come out semi ok (still far from the first picture) however after that they start coming out terrible. . . . and then i never know what temperature is best..One of my secret things is that I don't add sugar to the batter, the sugar comes from the syrup, I read IHOP doesn't add sugar to the batter as well . .

Would a pancake dispenser help at all?

I just don't get how to do this at all. I am looking for results just like the first picture, could someone help me out with tips and recipes? I have tried IHOP copycat recipes, even if the taste was there the texture was horrible, which of course says nothing about the recipe it was my fault.. I am specifically trying to avoid any boxed kind of product.

Hoping we could start a little thread where we discuss how to achieve such results! Any positive input would be greatly appreciated, thank you :)

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