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Crab questions for north americans


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Crab questions for north americans

Harters | Jun 27, 2009 04:21 PM

In the UK, none of us lives more than 70 miles from the sea but not all coastal parts of the country are known for its local seafood. The north east of England is one of the areas that is, and I'm just back from a week's holiday over that side of the country.

So, we're in a pub having lunch and my ears prick up on hearing a north american accent ordering crab sandwiches. I'm not sufficiently knowledgable to know whether this was a Canadian or US accent (and it may be relevent when you read on).

My ears prick up further when I hear the landlord explaining that the sandwich is served with the brown and white meat mixed together. "Why's he saying that", I think, "Of course it is".

My ears now go into overload in the pricking up department when I hear the accent saying "I didnt know crabs had brown meat".

So, my questions are:

1) Would north americans not mix the brown and white meat for sandwich? I suspect that this was not the first time the landlord had explained this to non-Europeans. Would there be a difference between Canadians and Americans?

2) Would the woman be unusual in not knowing that crabs even had brown meat, or does it just not feature in dishes?

3) What do folk do with the brown meat - something which I think is the more flavourful of the two sorts. Assuming it isnt just thrown away

And, as a finale to the story, the pub landlord asked the kitchen to send through a sample of of both the brown and white meats on bread for the visitor to try. She tried and didnt like the brown meat and said she wouldnt have been able to eat the sandwich.

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