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When do you correct incorrect pronunciation?


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When do you correct incorrect pronunciation?

fldhkybnva | Apr 28, 2013 04:48 PM

I usually let it slide when people pronounce the hundreds of words adopted from other languages which we use to refer to cooking techniques or recipes. However, I have a coworker who has fallen in love with the sous vide technique and chatters about it nonstop which is fine but she says "souSSS viDDDe" with a very snake like sssssss. I'm not judging her at all, but feel like many in the world would as she flaunted her sousSSS viDDDe dishes. If it were a random utterance, I wouldn't mention anything but I just feel like a quick correction would save the snakes. When you know it's not a mispronunciation due to a regional dialect or just the manner in which someone speaks, when do you correct others and when do you let it go? I imagine if it's a family member you might make a mention especially for children, but do you do this for friends, coworkers, random people in the store or at a restaurant?

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