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Copper cookware with copper diffuser: overkill?

rbraham | May 13, 201207:48 AM

I was/am planing on buying a Bella/Copper copper diffuser.

My burners are way too small for my stainless fry pans and sauce pots already, and can't hold a simmer without the flame being blown out, which would lead to my family and I dying and then being out-and-out dead, probably feeling hungry as our last conscious apprehension. So I can see quite well how your product will help me right there.

I get that.

Barring the benefits of expanding my useful flame area, would using your diffuser be a case of gilding (no pun intended) the lily? Ie, not worth it given that I am using copper cookware?

It's website mentions copper cookware, as opposed to cast iron, steel, and aluminum, only once, as far as I could find: saying BellaCopper helps keep the cookware's patina looking better longer. Not a ringing endorsement, or consideration of circumstances like my own.

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