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My cooking has gotten simpler over the years...


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My cooking has gotten simpler over the years...

Bat Guano | Sep 2, 2010 09:41 AM

At least in terms of ingredients, seasonings and spices. I've found as my technical skill in cooking has grown, I use fewer, but more carefully-chosen ingredients. This became clear to me recently when I found an old recipe I'd written down for a sauce I'd improvised one time, that my GF liked so much she insisted I write it down. Stuff I'd be unlikely to do nowadays; it involved deglazing, sauteeing a bewildering number of ingredients, a strainer and a blender... I followed it and made it again, and it wasn't worth all the fussiness; I could make a better sauce more easily now. Lately, on the other hand, I tend to use far fewer ingredients - often only salt and pepper - and pay more attention to cooking technique: preparation, cooking method, heat level, etc. So basically more precision, less scattershot use of ingredients and spices. This is of course when I'm not following a recipe, which is most of the time; if I'm cooking something I've never made before I follow recipes fairly closely, and use it as a way to learn about seasonings I may not be that familiar with. And overall my cooking has gotten better. Practice, you know.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Or the opposite - are you using more stuff than before?

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