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Cooking/Ice Cream Making with (supposedly diabetic safe) BIRCH SUGAR (xylitol)


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Cooking/Ice Cream Making with (supposedly diabetic safe) BIRCH SUGAR (xylitol)

Mr. Taster | Sep 13, 2005 02:00 PM

Was just in a health food store the other day and came across a very interesting product. It was a can of birch sugar, which is supposedly a 100% natural product, not a chemical sweetner like splenda. It has a fine crystal texture and a very subtle sweetness (not sharply sweet like table sugar).

Supposedly it measures cup for cup with table sugar, however it has 1/2 the calories of sugar and does not promote tooth decay. I was intrigued (although at $20 for 2 lbs it was an expensive experiment)

I whipped up a mix of Emeril's watermelon ice cream last night (recipe linked) with a 50/50 sugar/birch sugar ratio. I let it mellow in the fridge overnight and this morning I tasted it.... really wonderful flavor, not terribly sweet and it blended well with the natural sugar from the watermelon. I wonder how it will freeze... I can report back here.

Has anyone else experimented with birch sugar?


Mr. Taster

Link: http://www.wchstv.com/gmarecipes/wate...

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