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Help!! me cook a nice chicken dinner for 6


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Help!! me cook a nice chicken dinner for 6

Sir Gawain | Apr 6, 2006 10:53 AM

I'm really not the most inventive person when it comes to cooking (baking is different) and here's my predicament. I have some family members coming for an early dinner on Saturday; one of them is pregnant and an extremely picky eater anyway (doesn't eat lamb, mushrooms, shellfish, some fish, many vegetables, olives, etc., etc.) She doesn't like "fatty" things (my favorite) either. So I figured a nice free range chicken would be a safe way to go, but a roast chicken doesn't really feed 6 (some are pretty big eaters.) So... can you pleeeeaze help? I need something relatively un-fussy, since I'll also be cleaning our pigsty of an apartment that day, and baking a cake for my BIL's birthday (I'll go for a simple yet delicious and light flourless chocolate cake).

My vague thoughts so far:

- stuffed chix breasts (with feta and maybe some veg - need to check if she eats asparagus)
- chicken fricassée of some sort, or rather, chicken legs cooked somehow - but I've never done this
- something with sage. I have a sage obsession going.
I'll need ideas for a side as well.

Ideally I'd like the meal to be somewhat springlike (i.e., not a stew type thing), and it really doesn't need to be "impressive" in any way. Please help!!! TIA.

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