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I Confess: I Ate At Quizno's


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I Confess: I Ate At Quizno's

PaulF | Dec 9, 2005 04:02 PM

I confess ... I ate at Quizno's today.

I was within a mile or two of at least three Chowhoundish places but I ate at Quizno's anyway.

I was late for work due to a doctor's appointment and just picked up a prescription. (Nothing serious, thanks for asking.) And right there in the strip mall was a Quizno's. And I thought "I could go to some Chowhoundish lunch place and treat myself ... or I could get something quick and get to work."

I chose the latter.

And you know what, it was pretty good.

I ordered a turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce and tomato. Hold the onion and the dressing. They put some turkey (just the lunch meat kind, not Thanksgiving leftover kind) on a sliced wheat roll. Then they put the whole thing open faced through a conveyor belt toaster.

Then they added the lettuce (fresh, shredded) and tomato (fresh, sliced). When I got the sandwich, I added pickles from a pickle bar that included jalapenos and pepperocinis. I also got a little cup of "chili sauce" that was sort of the spicyness of Tobasco, but looked like barbecue sauce.

The sandwich wasn't bad at all, pretty good in fact. The toasted bread sort of carmelized and had a good sweet flavor and the turkey was warmed, which was a nice contrast to the cold tomato and lettuce. The pickles added snap and the sauce was spicy (though not hot if you like hot which I do but this wasn't.)

The sandwich was about 8 or 9 inches and cost six bucks.

It was close, it was fast, it was good.

Not bad for fast food.

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