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So, comfort food...


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So, comfort food...

chartreauxx | May 19, 2014 10:13 PM

Since Friday...

I've wiped up massive puppy diarrhea.

Spent over $100 on emergency vet visits.

Been custom-cooking bland dog meals.

Screwed up a pie crust (first time I have ever done this!!!!)

Burnt my entire dinner beyond repair

Wrecked a Cuisinart hand-held whisk component by mistake

Cut my finger slicing melon

Messed up a watermelon salad by adding champagne vinegar as an experiment (it failed).

Almost got run over by a truck running a red light, accelerating through a crosswalk with "walk" illuminated (literally truck brushed my fingertips as I jumped out of the way)

Been rejected for a job I was passionately in love with

And all this since Friday! It's only Monday!

What soothes your sorrows on a bad week?

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