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Coffee (both roasted and green)

rbeaty | Jan 26, 201212:21 AM

Hello all,

This is my first post! I've often used CHOWHOUND in LA to do research, however, there is usually always someone that has covered what I'm curious about -- I usually don't have many questions -- just looking for the consensus!

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time completing my research on Coffee on Maui. Most of the research returned is "100% Kona Coffee" with descriptions about its luxury and good ol' family values (I feel like I'm looking at political candidates in their Sunday's best -- kind of hard to gauge what kind of person they really are if you're feeling my metaphor).

I'm traveling to Maui in March and I'm planning on bringing either my V60 or my Chemex brewer with my Hario grinder and maybe a good thermometer for the water temp (I thought about bringing the syphon but then I thought about the Bunsen burner in my luggage and decided against it!). I'm planning on making coffee each morning instead of tracking it down. LA is really big on the pour-over, one-cup-at-a-time 'crafted cup', so, I'm wondering if there are places like that on Maui?

I figured that if I could find at least one these kinds of coffee shops then the baristas there might educate me on where they get their coffee. I may even be able to buy a locally roasted bag of coffee that is vetted (since there are so many places on the island that seem suspect from my vantage point). It would also be nice to get smaller quantities of green beans to take home to roast for my one-year anniversary as a sort of nod to Proust.

Any clues would be appreciated! Also, thanks for those that have already reviewed great places to eat; you provide inestimable value to my planning!

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