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The best way to coarsely chop nuts?


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The best way to coarsely chop nuts?

greygarious | Oct 16, 2009 09:00 PM

Costco's Kirkland brand nut meats, in 3# bags, are good quality and a good price. I like to chop them coarsely but evenly for use in cookies, brownies, etc. I do about a pound at a time, to keep in a glass jar in the refrigerator, and freeze the remainder. I have both a standard size and a mini Cuisinart. Neither does a good job on this task. Even with careful pulsing, the bowl gives me an uneven mix of finely ground to nearly-intact nuts. Is there a trick to getting even but coarse chopping in a processor? The infomercial pump choppers, with or without a jar, don't chop evenly, either.

I've long since given up and resigned myself to spending an evening with a wooden bowl and a curved chopper. I have both an ulu (similar to a mezzaluna) and a chopper that has 2 curved blades that intersect one another, forming an X. It doesn't send pieces flying out of the bowl like a single blade does. (A double mezzaluna, with 2 parallel blades, would also minimize the airborne nuts.)

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