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Clausthaler, my favorite non-alcoholic, non-GMO, non-propylene glycol beer

sweet100s | Apr 28, 201909:29 AM    

In my old Chowhound topic linked below, I was trying to find out which beers definitely don't contain propylene glycol because it causes my skin to char and because (amazing but true because of the alcohol industry lobbyists...) breweries are not required to list ingredients.

Update: I've switched to non-alcoholic beer, though I still drink wine and liquor, and now:

=== My #1 fave is Clausthaler Regular followed by Clausthaler Dry Hopped.

Clausthaler has lots of taste, just 89 calories!, and only $7-8 per 6 pack.
My friends never guess it's non-alcoholic until I tell them.

Clausthaler abides by Reinheitsgebot:
Interesting sentence about how the law originated in 1516 Germany
> Unfortunately, prior to the purity law, there were those who adulterated their brews with poisonous ingredients like thorn-apple, soot or deadly nightshade.


In Austin I can only find Clausthaler in Specs or Total Wine & More, not grocery stores, except the HEB Plus grocery store in Cedar Park will have it at the top level of their beer case.

I decided to switch to non-alcoholic because I like Clausthaler so much I don't see a reason to keep drinking alcoholic beers. Save my drinking quota and liver for wine or liquor I really like 3x / week (that's my drinking not-to-exceed target.)

So I really appreciate Clausthaler for being such a great alternative when I'm bored with water, tea, coffee, milk. And for the bubbles since I'm trying to also cut down on Coke Zero, breakfast of champions.

=== #2 fave = Beck's non-alcoholic.

#2 because it's slightly less interesting a flavor and it's more expensive, $1-2 more per 6 pack than Clausthaler typically.

=== Email question to Clausthaler via their website contact page

Sun, Apr 7, 5:37 PM
to info

Hello Sir or Madame,

I totally enjoy your non-alcoholic beer, but want to double-check something

I have an allergy to propylene glycol.
Do you use propylene glycol as an ingredient?

More generally, do you still abide by Reinheitsgebot, even though technically you aren't an alcoholic beer?

=== Email reply received

Künemund, Jasmina
Apr 25, 2019, 7:23 AM (2 days ago)
to me
Subj: Q re: propylene glycol and Reinheitsgebot ?

Thank you for your email and your interest in our products. We can confirm that our Clausthaler non- alcoholic beer is a non GMO- product as well as without pesticides or extraneous chemicals.

Our Reinheitsgebot:

>>note the link in her original email to me had an error which I corrected to

Best regards,
Jasmina Künemund
Team Assistant
Radeberger Gruppe International Division


Radeberger Gruppe KG
< phone #'s and emails deleted >
Darmstädter Landstr. 185
60598 Frankfurt am Main


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