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What do I need for Christmas? What amazing doodad don't I have that I must?

SailingChef | Dec 13, 200907:58 PM

My friends and family are bugging me for a Christmas wish list. I love to cook, but, over time, I've managed to outfit my kitchen pretty well - I think. But, then, I thought the same a few years ago and have replaced a bunch of items. Below are the highlights of my kitchen. What do you find essential that I'm missing? I'm probably looking at $200-250 between everyone. It does not have to be spend on one item.

* Lots of cast iron - two 12" Dutch ovens, two 10" Dutch ovens, two combo cookers, a 12" skillet, a 8" skillet, a fajita pan, probably more. (I do Dutch oven cooking while camping, hence all the Dutch ovens! I also have a Dutch oven table, welder's gloves and two lid rests for all that camp cooking.)
* Two All-Clad sauciers - 4.5 qt (James Beard special) and 3 qt.
* One 3 qt Emerilware by All-Clad saucepan - lots of surface area
* One small Sur La Table stainless steel skillet
* Three Kitchenaid non-stick sauce pans in various sizes. Not the best, but generally are just used for reheating, so not worth upgrading.
Stainless steel stock pot with various inserts for boiling and steaming. Not high quality, either, but heating water works okay.
* 6-quart non-stick Kitchenaid stock pot.
* 12-quart El Cheapo stock pot I use mostly for boiling corn.
* Calphalon non-stick omelette/crepe pan - that I use for eggs and crepes
* Calphalon non-stick square griddle - for grilled ham and cheese!

* KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer.
* Sunbeam stand mixer w/removable handle (that KichenAid is just too big for some tasks, like a cake mix).
* Immersion blender. Cheap brand, but not something I very rarely use.
* KitchenAid blender.
* KitchenAid food processor - best recommended by Cooks Illustrated.

* Wusthof 8" chef's knife
* Wusthof bread knife
* Victorinox 10" chef's knife
* Various Victorinox and Mundel utility knives.

* Plenty of bamboo and plastic stirring stuff.

* Enough silverware, serving dishes and eating dishes to seat and serve a garrison.

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