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Chowhound know how?


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Chowhound know how?

Stanley Stephan | Jul 24, 2002 12:42 AM

Many of you seem to have a knack for finding that dive, market or neighborhood gem.

How do you recognize and find greatness (other than thru chowhound)?

- tips from friends?
- reviews?
- the look of a place?

If I'm in an unfamiliar city, I usually look for the places that are crowded at lunch or dinner by locals.

How do you find that great dish on the menu?

At one time I asked the server "What do you suggest?" I usually find the more expensive dishes are pushed.

Lately I'm asking "What do you recommend that will make me come back and bring my friends".

Since becoming a chowhound, I ask more questions about the food when it is served. As long as it's not horribly busy, taking an interest in how a dish is prepared many times will start more conversations and further recommendations.

I avoid restaurants that are in the wrong location - the Mexican restaurant in the Italian part of town.

I avoid restaurants that look too much like chains and usually are.

This has probably been asked before, so I'd appreciate a pointer to previous discussions.

What are your tips to finding great food?

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