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Chow Social is This Saturday at No Idea!!!


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Chow Social is This Saturday at No Idea!!!

Abbylovi | Jul 24, 2003 11:01 AM

So have you formulated your strategy yet? I have. Stretchy pants, protein first, carbs last. Well that’s the idea now but we all know about those late comers who slip in with delectable offerings that really screw up the whole strategy, ya know? That’s why you have to stay close to the chow table to monitor what’s coming in.

And here’s another problem I have. Those Boston ladies have got this vision of NY. Something along the lines of our streets being paved with Difaras pizza and Octopus Man skewers. So I have to keep up appearances and make sure that they’re properly impressed. This is no big deal, mind you when posters such as our mr nyc are writing up turnip cakes from Sweet n Tart. But as of yet no one will be bringing these turnip cakes so I’ve got galleygirl whining and bellyaching that she needs to go there after the social. Huh? Eat after the social, well I wasn’t planning on eating for the next three days. And let’s face it, she’s a sucker for squid and for anything octopus. Infact I just received a plea from her asking how far Otafuku was from No Idea. I’m scared. But maybe one of you wants to pick up some octopus balls for the social, it’s at 236 E 9th Street if you’re interested.

Then I have yumyum quietly whispering in my ear “do you think there will be jerk chicken? I loooove jerk chicken. What about something porky? And cheese, I hope there’s some good cheese!” Well me too, yumyum. Oh I have visions of a Corona Heights Pork Store/Leo’s Latticini mozzarella side by side tasting. And all it would take is one intrepid hound to visit both places which happen to be quite close together. If someone were to ask me the exact address, I would say that the CHPS is at 107-04 Corona Ave and Leos is at 46ave 104st on corner. Maybe yumyum has a point with that porky question. Lord knows that every social needs some roasted pork from Big Wing Wong (Mott between Canal and Hester) or the uncommonly crunchy roasted pork from Tan Wong on 103 East Broadway.

On the other hand, didn’t I want to shout from the roof tops when I had a slice of cake from the Cake Man Raven Confectionary in Ft Greene on 708 Fulton Street? And there’s no question that I’d give my first born to try dueling Bensonhurst roast beef heros from Clementes -188 Ave T—AND --John’s Deli—86th & Stillwell. Anything from Mike’s Deli on Arthur Avenue could inspire poetry. Well there I go being selfish again. So let’s talk about you. Have you RSVP’d yet?

Not only is it easy, all you have to do is email me at but in return you’ll get a link to the eVite and there you’ll see who’d coming and what they’re bringing.

Oh look there's another email from galleygirl asking about Korean in midtown. Gotta run.

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