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Chocolate Mint Gelato?

zitronenmadchen | Apr 5, 2008 12:43 PM

My boyfriend, being a great admirer of my homemade gelato, has requested chocolate mint gelato. I have a really excellent recipe for chocolate gelato, I'm looking for opinions on the best way to impart a mint flavor without it being overwhelming. My first thought was to add mint leaves to the custard base and they would just be strained out when I strain the custard anyway, but I thought that it migt give it too herbal a flavor. My second thought is to add in very finely ground mint candies, starlight mints for example, finely ground that we wouldn't be biting into large frozen lumps of candy, and it wouldn't stress the motor, but it would probably take a lot of candies to be able to taste the mint. My third, and final resort would be either peppermint extract, which I always find mouth coatingly overwhelming. I think peppermint extract would work well with regular ice cream because of the high dairy fat content, but I think it would be too strong in a gelato. Maybe just a drop would be sufficient? Any opinions?

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