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Chocolate Cake for Contest

Molly Symmonds | Jan 27, 2003 11:27 AM

I'm entering a local chocolate baking contest and want opinions on the most stunning choco creation 'hounds have ever had. I'm scouring the library for a knockout recipe - I've paged through the Payard cookbook, Emily Luchetti's *Four-Star Desserts*, books by Jacques Torres and Gale Gand - but I've yet to strike upon what feels to me like a can't-miss confection. I am *not* a professional baker, just a dedicated amateur. Can be cheesecake (though I'm not a fan), cake, bar or cookie, candy, or can defy category. I'm feeling that straight chocolate won't cut it - I need an exotic sauce or a praline. Suggestions, please.

Thanks to all in advance for chiming in,


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