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Chicken Stock Question - can you ever have too many BONES?

thimes | Sep 13, 201102:06 PM

I did a quick search and couldn't find anything about this. So thought I'd put this question out there.

Typically people ask about how much water to add for a certain number or bones (say 2 birds worth of bones). BUT . . . . can you ever have too many bones for the amount of water while making stock?

I'm asking because the water essentially draws out flavor/gelatin from the bones/joints/etc. But with many water based reactions you can reach an equilibrium point. Could you ever have too many bones with not enough water so that you end up only partially extracting compounds and gelatin because the volume of water has reached some saturation point?

I just pulled out all my "bones" to make stock and they completely filled my 20 quart stock pot. So I filled it with water and just though . . . . that seems like a lot of bones for not a lot of water . . . . and I haven't even added vegetables yet . . . .

It isn't that I think the stock will be "bad" by doing what I am doing but for the future did I "sell my stock short" by doing one batch with all these bones? I guess it could either be very rich in the end (not a bad thing) or it could taste like normal stock but if I had room to add "double" the water for example I could have had twice as much stock for this amount of bones . . . .


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