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Chicken eggs ... does it reeeeally matter?


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Chicken eggs ... does it reeeeally matter?

Stanley Stephan | Jul 26, 2003 07:56 PM

Ok, I've been on a tour of farmers markets in the bay area the past few weeks. I've had every organically raised, hormone free, free range egg you can think of. I've had those colored South American aricon eggs. Some of these farmers bring pictures of their chickens and practically have the name of each bird on the carton.

They all taste the same to me. I guess I'm ticked off today because I bought some eggs today that were on one of those "best of SF" type lists. Supposed to have a brilliant yellow yolk. Suuure they do. Tasted like an egg to me.

At one market there was one cool farmer who said his pastel blue and green eggs (the type Martha Stewart is always trotting out) just had a different color shell. No different taste, although he rolled his eyes and said some of his regular customers thought there was a better taste. "Just taste like any fresh egg", he said.

So my theory is that no matter what the darn chicken eats, the egg will taste the same. Anyone notice a difference?

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