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CHEESE BALLS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2018

RainyRamone | Nov 30, 201809:54 AM     53

Welcome to the December 2018 Dish of the Month reporting thread! This month we're going balls to the wall – Cheese Balls, that is!

According to Kim Severson of the New York Times:
“December is the Olympics for cheese ball fans. The treats populate dairy cases in many parts of the country in flavor varieties that rival their brethren in the ice cream case. Sharp Cheddar and port wine may be the standard-bearers, but things can get crazy out there in cheese ball land.

In its purest form, a cheese ball is a mixture of sharp shredded cheese like Cheddar or blue, blended with cream cheese and, often, butter. It’s usually seasoned with anything in the allium and capsicum (pepper) families, then rolled in a mixture of nuts and herbs. It’s great spread on crisp, plain crackers and goes really well with a drink.

A cheese ball is the culinary equivalent of a Rorschach test. How you regard the creamy orb depends very much on where you were raised, how you were raised and — especially when facing one of the lesser examples — your emotional fortitude.”

Use this thread to report on cheese balls you make. Per Chowhound rules, please do not post another author's recipe verbatim, but you may paraphrase it or include a link. If your recipe is original, you are welcome to include it in its entirety, if you like. And show us what you’ve got! Your photos are encouraged, but are by no means required.
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