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Some Champagne humor


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Some Champagne humor

Chris | Dec 31, 2000 11:03 AM

All of this champagne talk reminds me of two recent, humorous incidents. The 1st involves a woman at our restaurant (Gramercy Tavern) tasting a champagne I had poured her by the glass. She made a face which indicated displeasure and I waited for any one of a number of common complaints: Not cold enough, not enough bubbles, too dry, too sweet, to fruity, too ...
What she said left me speechless:
"No. I don't like it. It tastes like wine with bubbles."

The second event is so New York.
Next door to our place a champagne bar known as FLUTE opened a few weeks back. Seeking to be very exclusive they set out a velvet rope and employed a bouncer to enforce a VIP guest list. On line one evening and eager to get inside and see her family's champagnes was Caroline Krug. Unfortunatly she was not on the list and no amount of explaining could get her past "security" who said "If I don't know you you're not getting in."
If you don't know her perhaps a champagne bar is not the best venue for you?

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