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Challenge: find me an induction capable griddle


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Challenge: find me an induction capable griddle

danna | Jan 12, 2012 07:03 AM

The new induction cooktop is on order and of course I'm almost through with my "buying opportunity" spree, weeks in advance of actually going to induction. I have the new stockpot, nonstick omlette pan, and one replacement sauce pan (all LC). But I'm not sure about how to take advantage of the new bridge element. It will bridge two 7 " burners, making around 15" of cooking space. I don't need a grill, I grill outdoors, I just want a non-stick griddle for making lots of pancakes at once.

So far, LC says not to use theirs on glass (i suspect the bottom must not be even), All Clad has made theirs of aluminum. The only thing else I can find is Lodge. I'm really not very good with maintainng the non-stick properties of the antique Lodge pan I have, so I'm not too thrilled w/ that idea.

Can you help?Thanks!

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