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Low-carb at Chinese restaurant -- tasty suggestions?


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Low-carb at Chinese restaurant -- tasty suggestions?

Ellen K | Dec 6, 2005 06:37 AM

Having great success with my low-carb diet (so do not wish to discuss the merits of the program here), but have a mad craving for Chinese -- at a restaurant, not home-cooked, which I could easily make low-carb myself!

What should I order that's 10g or less carbs for the entire meal? Egg-drop soup is about 10g, so will have a clear soup. Will eat the inside portion only of an eggroll. No rice, obviously. Which main courses have the least amount of cornstarch/ sweetness in the sauces? Love casseroles as well, but unsure of hidden carbs....

When I ask the staff for low carbohydrate accomodations, they either don't fully understand, or bring me something steamed/ flavorless.

(Also, am in Manhattan, if anyone has had success finding a Chinese restaurant which truly makes delicious low carb here.)


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