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Is Caramel Icing the same as Dulce de leche?


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Is Caramel Icing the same as Dulce de leche?

Elle | Sep 24, 2003 11:50 AM

When I was a little girl and even a young adult, my grandmother would make caramel cake for me. In Louisiana, caramel cakes are very popular. I always tried to make her icing but could never get it quite right. It was very simple, a can of pet milk, vanilla, butter, and granulated sugar, cooked and stirred until it turned a deep rich caramel color and was thick enough to frost a cake. She did not caramelize the sugar first, she simply dumped everything into a pot. I tried to make this icing and it wasn't close, but maybe I didn't cook it long enough. It seemed like she would stir for over an hour. When I looked at the posts below for dulce de leche, it sounds a lot like my grandmothers technique for caramel icing on a rich butter layer cake. Are they the same thing?

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