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canned chicken broth tasting


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canned chicken broth tasting

Buford | Oct 18, 2005 01:37 PM

For health reasons I often cook things in chicken broth as an alternative to frying. This has caused me to spend much time tasting chicken broth. But chicken broth is just chickens and water, right? How much can it vary? In fact different brands of chicken broth taste amazingly different. Here is my ranking from best to worst:

Hain. Very good. Rich chicken flavor.

Manischewitz. Good, distinctive flavor. In fact it tastes like matzoh ball soup, which might not always be the flavor you need.

Streit's. Fairly good flavor but it's more chicken vegetable soup than broth.

Swanson. Tastes good, but it's as much salty as chickeny.

Campbell's. It doesn't taste bad; it just doesn't taste anything like chicken.

Health Valley. Marginal. Chickeny but also watery.

Shelton's. Vile.

Ralphs. Has a truly nasty aftertaste.

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