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Candied horseradish- Thoughts?


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Candied horseradish- Thoughts?

JudiAU | Nov 15, 2003 11:10 AM

Last year I wrote this and now would like to replicate the candied horseradish: .

"AOC is serving their charcuterie platter with candied horseradish. Why doesn't everyone serve this? Sticky, sweet, hot, soft, and chewy all at the same time. Best with the boned pork rib. Also good with pig's liver pate, country pate, hunter's pate, rabbit terrine, and rabbit rillete. I love this Lyonnaise master, this king of pig cookery, this god among sausage makers. The boudin blanc and fois gras terrine remain rivals for my ultimate affection. Charcuterie Platter: $11"

The chef responsible for it left and the restaurant doesn't remember it

Anyone have a recipe? Thoughts? I am leaning towards following a candied ginger recipe but I want the final product in a loose glaze, not hard and covered with sugar.

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